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Kiss That Frog: A Modern Fairy Tale (Fantasy Romance Novelette)

Kiss That Frog: A Modern Fairy Tale - Cate Rowan I think everyone has heard the story of the frog prince. Or at least have heard about kissing frogs and them turning into a prince. While I don't recommend kissing a real life frog (nothing against frogs by the way. I think they can be adorable. I'm speaking from a health concerned point of view.) in stories it can be an interesting practice.

Sofia, our main character, learns this the hard way. She is pulled into pet sitting her nieces pet frog and though joking around when kissing the frog the inevitable happens. The frog turns out to be a prince.

The story isn't bad. I did love the main character, Sofia for one thing. I found her love for her family and her snarky nature endearing. Other then that and the cute plot line I really didn't find much to get into. That could be because it's so short. I realize of course it's more of a novella then anything. But for this particular story it doesn't work.

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