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Celebromancy (Ree Reyes #2)

Celebromancy (Ree Reyes #2) - Michael R. Underwood I am one of those people who is proud to call myself geek. If it falls in the realm of media geekery I've probably had my fingers in it or at the very least know something of it. I wouldn't call myself the ultimate geek of course. Though I if geekomancy actually existed like in this book series I would like to think I'd be a pretty good Geekomancer.

Now when I got this book I was unaware that this was the second book in the “Ree Reyes” series. I'll be remedying missing the first book soon. In any case, despite diving in mid series I caught up to speed fairly quick. And one of the things I loved instantly for this book and series is the magic system. This is a world where if one is a Geekomancer their love of geeky media fuels magic abilities (watch the Matrix and gain bullet time abilities for a short while.) and a simple show prop (sonic screwdriver anyone?) can become an actually weapon.

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