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DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

DC Super-Pets Character Encylopedia - Steven Kortae, Steve Korte, Donald B. Lemke, Art Baltazar As someone who loves superheroes and animals I knew I had to check out this book. I may not be as informed as some comic lovers but I find myself fairly knowledgeable. Either way, I gave this book a read and while it’s not geared to my age group I did enjoy it.

I’m not entirely sure but I believe this guide is geared towards fans of the Tiny Titans comic book series. That series itself is light hearted with its adorably drawn style and cute jokes. Some of the jokes are even fun little throw backs to their normal canons.

That said this book covers the pets of these super heroes and super villains. Honestly I wasn’t aware there were that many. Granted I know some of the more obscure ones ( Do I get points for knowing Wonder Woman had a kangaroo like animal named Jumpa?) but there are still a lot more super pets then I expected.

My expectations aside besides the adorable art style I like how the information is set up. The set up includes a main picture of the character with some attributes pointed out about the character. Most times there will be stats though for some stats can be shorter. Most likely because the characters in question didn’t have as much information in comics background.

Some of the pets made me laugh. Not for the sheer ridiculousness of some of the pets but rather from the naming or themes. Granted children aren’t going to get the joke about Raven’s pet being named Lenore but it’s still funny. And I had a good chuckle at Thud’s entry by the way. It was amusing.

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