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A Gentlewoman's Chronicles - Michael Coorlim A fellow book review blogger told me good things about this book. So I admit I went in with good expectations. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed. In a word A Gentlewoman’s Chronicles is fun. Pure exciting fun. To me it felt like it got better and better each story. In fact it’s hard for me to decide my favorite one. And there are just so many reasons to love this collection.
First there is the strong female character in Aldora Fiske. She is a wonderful blend of elegance, intelligence, and fighting know how. She’s a heroine worth reading about. Not that she carries the stories alone. Each story has an interesting and believable villain. Villains with better reasons for what they do then doing things for the sake of evil.
One thing that also pleased me but might not interest everyone was the portrayal Tesla in the first story. What can I say? I’m a bit of a history geek and understand the reasoning of the characterization of Tesla. So kudos to the author for that as well.
I cannot stress how much I enjoyed these stories. My only disappointment was that they were not longer. Thankfully length normally won’t affect my overall judgment. I really do hope to see longer and more stories from this author.
A definite must read.