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I Am Pusheen the Cat

I Am Pusheen the Cat - Claire Belton As a Tumblr user I am familiar with the adorable styling of Pusheen. Normally a Pusheen post means an instant reblog. So learning there was a Pusheen book did make me smile. The point of this review though will ask if buying this book is a good purchase for you.

First I should talk about Pusheen herself for those unfamiliar with it. Pusheen is a series of mini comics that are comprised mostly of minimal text but funny or adorable illustrations of the character Pusheen or friends. Pusheen is a gray cat that in the tradition of Garfield loves to eat and sleep. Though Pusheen does have her evil moments (I personally love Pusheens evil expression.) she nicer then Garfield.

I love Pusheen. But I also must be honest in my review and mention that there is really no new content in the book. That did lower my rating a little. Now the question remains if you should buy it. I think it depends.

If you are the type who likes having cute, illustrated books in your home you may want to buy the physical version for your coffee table. There is also the fact you would be supporting a budding artist if you do buy either version. Please consider those points before purchasing or not.
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