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It's a Catastrophe

It's a Catastrophe - Sibel Hodge, Leos Ng Okita In the tradition of other books with an animal cast “It’s a Catastrophe” is told from the view of animals. Mostly cats as the titles suggest. And there are plenty of great books told from a cat’s view. Sadly, this isn't one of them.

To start with characters are introduced too quickly and their descriptions are too bland. Generally for the younger set this wouldn't be a huge problem. But considering this book has on my reader 369 pages I feel there is more than a little room for longer and slightly more developed introductions.

Often I was taken out of the story slightly by the comparison of smoky to Captain Jack Sparrow and other pop culture references. It would be okay in some cases but in a storyline where you’re trying to look at the world from animals view it doesn't quite fit in. It’s just jarring.

I could nitpick from here to forever on every little thing that bugged me but that would be unkind. In the end I feel this book is trying to fit for the older audiences but also is trying to reach out to the younger readers as well. It does not balance well however and it just doesn't work.

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