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Marvel 1602: Spider-Man (Premiere)

Marvel 1602: Spider-Man - Jeff Parker, Ramon Rosanas Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a- Or is that Ye old Spider-Man, Ye old Spider-Man? I’m not funny. I know this. But I try. My poor attempts at humor aside I have read the original Marvel 1602 so I was fully aware of what kind of world I was in for. Pair that with the fact I thoroughly enjoy Spider-Man this was easily a smart purchase in the enjoyment area.

The story itself follows Peter (otherwise known as the Spider) starts his life in the new world. But very soon as if with these things life goes off track. Familiar villains and friends alike are once again introduced in different ways. Some with different forms. And as is with the original Marvel 1602 there are many references to more modern era storylines. I spied a particularly funny one to me to do with the Venom saga.

This collection is a good read and I would say worth your time and your money.

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