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Ex-mas - Kate Brian It’s beginning to look a lot like… not Christmas because it’s August. But there’s Christmas in this book so it seemed like a good opening. My silliness aside time for the review.

Our main character Lila is a seventeen year old girl deep into the high school social ladder scene. Right off the bat she’s not really a likeable character at this point. But expect character growth. Lila is hoping to hold the biggest holiday party while her parents are gone on a short trip.

Her plans however are ruined by her little brother, Cooper, who tattles on her. In retaliation Lila does a play out of the “Things not to do to your younger sibling” book. She plants the idea in Cooper’s head that Santa Claus is in trouble due to global warming.

When Cooper and his best friend who happens to be the little brother of Lila’s ex-boyfriend, run away to head to the North Pole Lila and her ex-boyfriend Beau must go after them.

To be honest while Lila is certainly not entirely in the right I did find Beau to be slightly judgmental. While I’m nothing like the popular, girly type I didn’t find the need for Beau to be so judgmental of Lila’s friends. But this is only opinion. And despite the judging Beau is a good guy.

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