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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Volume 2

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Volume 2 (My Little Pony - Heather Nuhfer, Amy Mebberson Dear Princess Celestia- I mean readers. I will attempt to hold my fandom gushing back for this review. If you haven’t guessed from the opening sentence I’m a pony fan. I find it to be a fun show and while some of the fandom can go overboard there are really fun and sweet people in the fandom.

That said I will try to keep this a fan girl squeeing free review.

This volume is the collection of the comics that dealt with the arc with the bitterness and anger that fueled Nightmare Moon. After causing nightmares to the ponies of Ponyville (Rainbow’s Dash’s nightmare was painful to see by the way.) this force kidnaps one of the ponies.

With the help of Luna the remaining ponies must go to the moon to save their friend. However they are too late to prevent the force behind Nightmare Moon from enacting its plan. Now to save their friend they must use the power of friendship without the help of the elements of harmony.

A fun little thing about the comics is studying some of the panels you find cute or funny little things added. Like the Gravity Falls cameo in on panel. See if you can spot it. You can certainly tell the artist enjoyed their work on this project.

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